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ONE World, Together

World Peace through Inner Peace.

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The World Garden Movement is a global community that provides a safe space for human interaction. It is a community space for the mutual objectives of experiencing prosperity and well-being at all levels. Rooted in the mission of “World Peace through Inner Peace” it’s objective is to actively cultivate and contribute towards peace by facilitating human well-being.

The Launch of The World Garden Movement is centered around a new, digital infrastructure.

Flourish the world... coming soon!

The challenge

You are a part of a new, pro bono consulting stream of Octagon Business Group. As a management consultant, your role is to create a recommendation report for a pricing strategy that is supported by market validation.

The specifications

The World Garden Community provides the following:

  • Facilitates member communications
  • Access to a verified listing of well-being practitioners and coaches
  • Access to a verified listing of wellness and health supporting retreats
  • Access to a verified listing of artistic professionals
  • Access to course listings that support accessible education programs
  • Lists opportunities and projects to support the flourishing of wellness and artistic practice, in a global community.

Your report should have the following:

  1. What other communities exist that would benchmark as a competitive set for the World Garden Community?
  2. What pricing structures exist within the competitive set (and others)?
  3. What pricing model would you recommend based on this research?
  4. Is there verified interest in willingness to pay? (Willingness to pay can be verified through a survey or other sample testing methods)
  5. Based on this, would you advise that there is valid market validation to recommend that the company invest in developing the final product?

Key Considerations: The World Garden is a wellness oriented community that aspires to strike a balance between credibility / excellence and accessibility to a global community.

world garden

The solutions

What did the labs create?

The results

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When you have a intention for the collective flourishing of the many, the pricing and financial sustainability of the foundation builds the pathway forward. When you create true value in the world, you should only grow, and grow...