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Being Beautiful.

Love yourself, Shine bright.

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The Dalia Project is the creation of a new media product line, which is purposed towards empowering and liberating the expressions of beauty, creativity and well-being through multimedia and multichannel assets.

These assets include editorial features, interviews, storytelling, images, performances, artworks and more.

The overall mission is to express and highlight beauty and creativity in an authentic way, focused on cultivating Self-Love. The dalia platform will feature all genders, cultures, races, shapes, sizes, ages, preferences, dispositions and more in an elegant and dignified way.

DALIA REY... coming soon!

The challenge

You are a part of a new, pro bono consulting stream of Octagon Media Group. As a consultant, your role is to conduct market research and a recommendation report on marketing channel strategy for the launch and growth of this initiative.

The specifications

Your report should address the following requirements:

  1. Who are the market competitors to benchmark against?
  2. What is the target market demographic based on the following:

    a. Gender
    b. Age Cluster / Range
    c. Education, Profession, Socioeconomic Background
    d. Values, Beliefs and Interests

  3. What channels exist to reach this market digitally?
  4. What channels would you recommend to focus on as a priority slate? These should be the channels you believe would yield the highest conversion rates (i.e., impressions to subscriber)
  5. Are there any additional marketing and digital recommendations you would like to include to validate this project? If so, please include them.

Key Considerations: The goal is to develop a paid subscriber audience of 80,000 people. At this point, we will be able to profitably create a print edition of dalia. Ultimately, we hope to grow it to the widest audience possible, so that our mission and message can reach the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, all around the world. Inclusivity is an essential facet of the dalia brand.


The solutions

What did the labs create?

The results

This experiment is in process. Check back for more info!


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When you have a message that needs to be heard, create the channels for acceleration. In a world with a lot of noise, be audacious in your pursuit to uplift the masses. For, when you create true value in the world, you must thrive...