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Under The Moonlight...

Stories of Unconditional Love.

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The Moonlight is a new media creation that is inspired by the power of unconditional love. It’s intention is to experiment with interpretation, taking stories and interpreting them in a wide range of artistic expressions.

The purpose of this is to catalyze the energy of unconditional love into a transformational movement that celebrates beauty and love in a global world.


The challenge

You are a part of a new, pro bono consulting stream of Octagon Media Group. As a creative consultant, your job is to interpret one Moonlight story, for this project.

The specifications

  1. Select one story from The Moonlight Project
  2. Select one interpretive medium to experiment with (i.e., graphic design, dance, painting, video, acting etc)
  3. If using a video format, please keep it between 2 and 5 minutes
  4. Provide a brief description of your interpretation
  5. Experiment, have fun!

The solutions

What did the labs create?

The results

This experiment is in process. Check back for more info!


How did creativity help?

We provide creative interpretations for all of our cases. Check back to see what we came up with!

When you practice unconditional love, you change the world. All artistic value is propelled by the inspiration that drives it. By expressing this fully, the moonlight tells us that we can transform into universal love.