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The Aiki Project is a restructuring initiative that has at its intent one singular objective: to bring the product and overall mission of AikiSPiCE into the global marketplace, empowering a sustainable business model and local communities, all across the globe.

The product and company started in Japan, and was acquired by Octagon Business Group in 2020 for international expansion. This project is to redesign the business model and operations of AikiSPiCE with a focused intent to further adapt that model and operations to develop a sustainable business methodology.

This project would like to further support the flourishing of local communities, by creating a financial model that empowers the manufacturing of these products within local communities, thus retaining employment and economic benefits.


The challenge

You are a part of a new, pro bono consulting stream of Octagon Business Group. As a management consultant, your role is to create a recommendation report for a proposed business model.

The specifications

Your report should address the following requirements:

  1. What has been done before?
  2. What are the current business models in the agri-food sector in both traditional (commercial) and impact (community) settings?
  3. Are there any areas of potential innovation that are missed?
  4. What strategy would you recommend if you were advising AikiSPiCE?
  5. Why do you advise on this strategy over others?

Key Considerations: It is important to the brand and the founders of the business that the business model supports local communities while also maintaining profitable operations. It is also important to the brand and the founders of the business that the business model also supports sustainable practices.


The solutions

What did the labs create?

The results

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When you have a passionate vision and mission behind you, the business model is they key that can help you create a sustainable pathway forwards. When you create true value in the world, you should only grow, and grow...